Finding joy in the journey.

Design is the journey I allow myself to take. There is much to be discovered and we are always steps away from perfect. Staying open, agile, and learning allows me to create experiences, products, and environments my clients crave.

I am a designer and Montessori educator by training and experience. I have been working with teachers, children, families, parents, grandparents, and caregivers for over twenty years. In those years I have founded two businesses, Studio June and Family Friendly Home. Through these ventures, I have created educational and meaningful experiences for education professionals, schools, and homes.

Upcoming Events, Presentations, and Publications

I have had the opportunity to inspire teachers all over the world! Here you can view my presentations, books, videos, and where to find me presenting next…see my work as a mentor and educator.

Share the Message

Sharing a message that education is the great equalizer and the foundation for peace strengthens our community. I create meaningful images for t-shirts, water bottles, bags, buttons, and stickers to inspire conversation.

Social Media

Through grids and reels, I am able to share a brand’s message and emotionally connect clients with their products and services.